Providing affordable and reliable energy for today and tomorrow

We are a highly-skilled teams of professionals with long years of experience in transporting, storing and delivering of oil and gas products.

An important part of our energy mix working non-stop to fuel your life..

Energy. Power. Progress.

Oil is Draining from Earth. It Start with Your Engine.

Providing Power And Jobs For The Community.

We use the engine of progress to power the economy

Green Notes Oil & Gas Limited was set up in 2012 to trade in petroleum products and logistics with a vision to build an enduring institution, comparable in standard to the best energy trading companies in the world while delivering a positive social impact to society and establishing the Company as the employer of choice for employees.

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By offering end-to-end solutions, Green Notes Oil & Gas Limited continues to be the preferred choice for businesses seeking streamlined petroleum product management and flawless logistics execution.

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Petroleum Product Transportation

The company offers transportation services for petroleum products, including.

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Storage and Terminal Facilities

The company may operate storage tanks and terminal facilities where.

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Supply Chain Management

The company handles the management of the entire supply chain for.

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